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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: May 5, 2012 8:07am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: If any of my videos are out-of-sync due to the "deriving" software, please tell me so I can fix them

Previously, I wanted to break the record for longest post title with the following (which wasn't allowed):

Sorry, but I must be extremely rude: If any of my videos are out-of-sync, it is the fault of the "deriving software", not me. So, please, don't blame me when the videos become more out-of-sync than the English dub of Japanese TV series "The Samurai", and no, that's not one of the things I uploaded. BTW, what are Japan's copyright laws regarding television? How many centuries must I wait until I can legally upload old anime? Speaking of which, does anyone have the 1967 Boxing day episode of British series "Top of the Pops"? It survives, and it will be public domain within the next 8 years. Why on earth does this post have such a long title? Am I that sick and depraved and needing attention? I wish I had a life like Quigs, but if nothing else, at least I can watch that episode of "Walt's Workshop" from 1949 that somebody uploaded. Do any other episodes survive, but then, would more than 2 people want to view them? See next week's episode of "Faraway Hill" on WABD-TV for the continuing story of this strange preservation (or lack of it) saga